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Welcome to my glorious website

About me

Hello there! My name's Jordan Perry. I like to code random stuff in my free time.

You can see a lot of my stuff below!

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Stuff I made

Terminal Games

These are some games that run in a terminal!

I made this while I was stuck at home, bored.

I think they all look really cool, and I'm really proud of the result!


You might know a company that makes party games that you can play on your phone.

I played one of those games an thought they were kinda fun.

I had my own idea for one of those party games, so I decided to make it, and frankly I'm very proud of the result.

I play this all the time now with family and friends on online meetings.

You can try it out for yourself if you want.

Terrible agar.io clone

Don't play this. Just don't.

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Websites with cats

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Email: [email protected]

Discord: sponege#4858

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